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“Eurofire” - “Strongest in Lithuania 2013”

“Strongest in Lithuania 2013” - this certificate approves, that the company is reliable and always accomplishes their financial responsibilities on time. Also this certificate grants a big probability that the company will carry out like this in the future. 


“EUROFIRE” awarded with “GAZELĖ 2013“patent

“Gazells“– growing, flexible and profitable companies.
The award of “Gazell“ is handed to these companies, whose return during the last four years was rising. Crucial criteria for evaluating companies – clarity and publicity: consent to publicize financial results. “Gazell“patent is the synonym to quality in Lithuania, as well as in other countries. “Gazells“is international project, which selection criterias stands not only in most Europe countries, but in USA too.


We offer internship

We offer internship for students who are proactive and seek improvement to their future careers. They are welcomed in our group companies where they could gain valuable skills and apply their theoretical knowledge. During practice time we will give you opportunity to work with professional collective, introduce with operational specifics of our company. 


Oversized cargo

The last of more interesting company’s “Cartrans” cargoes, was transformer transported from Lithuania to Macedonia, its weight – 53 tons. 5 meters in length and 3,65 meters in height – this kind of cargo transportation isn’t often met even by experienced transport specialists.  


Expansion to Kazakhstan

BALTIC LOGISTICS GROUP” is consistently implementing its development plans and established new company in Kazakhstan, Almaty.